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News and events from around the Community

  • The Entry Deadline for Mountain Town Classic 2015 has been extended until Apr 06 (posted Mar 25)
  • Michiigan High School skaters: i believe that i have now entered all the flight change corrections that have been requested. If you've emailed a correction, please check the schedule to verify that it has been accomplished, and let dnkorte@gmail.com know if you see any issues (posted Mar 24)
  • Posted RESULTS from Lansing Van Camp 2015. Thank you to Dorothy Estey and Cal Carson for providing these results for posting! (posted Mar 23)
  • Posted Practice Ice information for MI High School State Championships. Also if you have emailed a request for a correction to event level or missing events, please be aware that I am working through them and hope to have all corrections posted by mid-day Tuesday (posted Mar 23)
  • Posted RESULTS from Onyx Suburban BS Challenge 2015. Thank you to Paul Dougherty for providing these results for posting! (posted Mar 21)

These are some of the skating events happening in and around Michigan in the next 6 weeks. Click here to view more info on what's happening in our State